I Don’t Do Coffee Dates

For those who have emailed asking what’s up with me and coffee:

“Coffee is cheap. Drinks are an audition. Lunch is an interview. Dinner is romance.”
                                                                                                                      – Patti Stanger

5 thoughts on “I Don’t Do Coffee Dates

  1. No, but coffee is such a complex libation. Caffeine could be just what one needs to heighten awareness, give mental confirmation in response to a quickened pulse as a result of the five senses, to locate and engage with the catalyst before a second invitation of sorts is put out there into the ether…

    Just saying 😉

      1. I sure is, LOL hence why I find that coffee can be enough to test the waters and break the ice. Ouch and apologies on behalf of the Butch’s etiquette you mentioned, shame that not everyone follows the Golden Rule.

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