My Imaginary Girlfriend

TITLE: My Imaginary Girlfriend
AUTHOR: María Lapachet
GENRE/THEME: Butch/Femme Erotica
PUBLISHER: Cordoba Books


Despite its evident significance in the butch femme community, BDSM relationships have rarely been written about from a femme perspective. Maria Lapachet does a good job of bringing out the sensuality and directness of what a submissive femme wants with a collection of poems that turn up the heat.

Lapachet’s almost prosaic poetry is synonymous to long-treasured blue notebook that fumes with bloodied angst, creasy recollections, and steamy snippets of erotic bravado.

In “My Imaginary Girlfriend” Lapachet tackles subjects that we usually dare not tread — from guiltless promiscuity to emotionless same sex trysts to the politico-cultural nuances of lesbian sexuality. We are invited to Lapachet’s unkempt bedroom of naked, wet intimacy yet we are not necessarily allowed to peer beneath the gossamer pillow.


I wake up to the sound of her
getting ready to go to workin the walk-in closet.
I step in and grab her waist,
pull her closer to me, and kiss her,
long and deep, good morning.
She knows it’s turning me on
to feel her belt rubbing against
my waist. She takes her hand
and slides up my shirt to feel my breasts.
Her mouth begins to explore my body.
First, a taste of my ample breasts
as they heave up and down,
in rhythm to her mouth.
My nipples are sensitive
and I love when she tongues them.
She moves down my body,
kissing my stomach. It tickles.
Then she goes down to my pulsating pussy,
aching to be licked and eaten.
She plugs her tongue deep inside of me.
My back arches. I grab the door,
lean back, and moan loud in pleasure.
When I’m done, she picks a pink tie,
kisses me, and heads out saying
she’ll be home early tonight.
I go back to bed.

She wakes up thinking she is her own boss.
She decides not to go to work today.
She kisses me, wakes me up, and says
I’m sexy beyond belief. She loves the way
I ooze sexuality with every breath.
She loves that my mouth will swallow
whatever she gives it. We take a shower.
She’s looking in her side of the closet,
thinking aloud. She doesn’t need all
her fifty three neckties… would I be happy
bounded and gagged with all of them?
She will of course leave all my holes
nice and… vulnerable.

She walks in and sees me dressed as instructed.
Short skirt, thigh highs, and sheer button blouse.
I have my hands on the counter, back to her,
and my back is arched. I’m showing off my ass.
She stands close behind me, pacing around, taking it all in.
I turn to look. She orders me to keep my eyes ahead
and arch that back. Her instructions come with a sharp,
firm smack on my ass. I let out a short gasp, then focus,
arching and stretching my body for her.
She keeps her hand on my ass, caressing it,
pulls back and gives it slow steady smacks,
resting her hand on it and shaking it.
I anticipate her rhythm, start breathing heavily,
and rear back for the next slap. I try not to moan.
As she lifts my skirt, I look over my shoulder. For the first time,
we look each other in the eye, both inspired by what we see.
She tells me that I do not have permission to look at her
and gives my bare ass a hard smack. I smile and look forward.
She says maybe I need help in not looking.
She reaches into her treasure drawer. I grow nervous and fidgety.
She puts a hand on my shoulder, tells me to relax, blindfolds me.
Now hold that ass out and enjoy it slut. She takes time working my ass over.
Nice long spanking, first with hand, then with belt.
When I’m nice and bright red, she spreads my cheeks
and guides her hand down, rubbing my now soaking wet pussy.
She works it over, fingers it, sucks it,
plays with my asshole at the same time.
I’m begging for it. She forces me to my knees
and fucks my throat. She calls me nasty names.
Then takes out the rope.

My Imaginary Girlfriend is now available on eBook format:

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