A Femme Might Be Done With You…

– If she tells you point blank that she is done with you

– if she flirts with other butches right in front of you or your friends

– if she flirts with straight men right in front of you or your friends

– if she doesn’t want to open a birthday gift from you in front of her friends

– if she’s making new friends and you are not allowed to hang out with them (not even friend them on Facebook)

– if her new friends hate you

– if she doesn’t want you to be around her friends or relatives

– if your mutual friends and/or her relatives start giving you the cold shoulder

– if she doesn’t want to spend time with your roommates, friends or family

– if she stops complaining about things you do that drive her crazy

– if she’s more interested on a TV show than on how your day was

– if she doesn’t tell you how her day was

– if she doesn’t acknowledge you when she gets home going directly to her room or her laptop

– if she spends more time on Facebook, twitter, etc talking to her virtual friends than talking to you

– if you are no longer her best friend and she goes to other people first for advice or help

– if she starts reclaiming her closet space (whether you live together or you have a night drawer at her place)

– if she empties the designated closet space and drawers she had at your place and takes all her stuff home too

– if all of a sudden she’s very concerned about her privacy – for instance, leaving the room to be on the phone

– if she tells you you’re not husbutch or mother-of-her-future-children material

– if she stops kissing and hugging you 7,000 times without a reason like she used to

– if she reaches out for the magic wand after you have sex

– if she gives you excuses not to have sex

– if she cheats on you making sure you know about it

– if she says she misses being single

– if her once-in-a-blue-moon girls’ nights become a nightly thing

– if she invites other people to your romantic weekend getaways

– if she starts taking mini-vacations with her friends every other weekend

– if she makes weekend or vacation plans without you

– if you rarely see each other and she tells you she needs space

– if she joins a local gym and changes her diet to lose the weight she’s put on since you’ve been together

– if you two are not poly and she’s seeing other people

– if she tells you she’s pregnant from a bio-male

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