All I Want For Christmas

Here’s the list of what I really, really want for Xmas this year:

– the Butch Femme April Dance to be moved back to Manhattan. Since that’s not going to happen any time soon, I’ll be just as thrilled if you, fabulous butch or femme reading this, help someone who cannot afford it get to the BFS Gala.

– all LGBT youth to have loving, supportive parents. Since Hell is likely to freeze over before that happens, I would be happy if you, dear butch/femme reader, donated to your local shelter or reached out to Sylvia’s Place or Trinity Place to see what their needs are.

– to regain my trust in big LGBT organizations. I feel very disconnected from major NYC LGBT non-profits both by personal experience and by what I have read on the news. This year I’m asking my friends to donate to Anti-Violence Project, Bella Communities, and The Bronx LGBTQ Community Services Center.

– people who don’t like being alone for the holidays to not be alone on Christmas day and New Year’s.

– my friends who are stuck in bad relationships to see how truly amazing they are and get the strength to leave their toxic significant others.

– to find a good home for my 400+ books. I don’t think I’m going to find an apartment big enough to take them with me.

– to be Ginger Spice for one day.

– to watch Catching Fire and go out for Chinese with a nice Jewish butch/stone butch. On Christmas Day, of course.

– breakfast in bed made by one of my not so secret objects of desire followed by a lazy movie day in our jammies.

– to be fucked thoroughly, comprehensively, and to my satisfaction by 8 pm on New Year’s Eve.

– to go out partying like it’s 1999 on New Year’s Eve and at least once a month throughout 2014.

– drinks by the pool in Cancun (I’m seriously tired of this weather!).

– to make cooking, baking, and every domestic femme goddess related activity my thing.

– the drive and energy to go back to the gym daily.

– someone to take my fake iPod and load my entire gym playlist. I swear to God I don’t have the patience or skills to do it myself.

– tons of shiny, sparkly, shimmery things.

– a Mystic Pizza’s buffalo chicken pizza.

– a never ending supply of Haagen Dazs’ mint chip ice cream.

– Hello Kitty bras (good luck finding my size! {36DDD or 36G depending on the time of the month}).

– orchestra seats for kd lang in “After Midnight” (waaaaaay out of my budget now that I have upcoming dental work that my dental insurance won’t cover).

– World peace, a cure for AIDS and all forms of cancer, the immediate repair of the ozone layer, and things of that nature.

7 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas

  1. I want a nice, clean drug drama and disease free femme. I want a classy, articulate, attractive Latina with a nice body and beautiful long hair. A femme that will cook for me and iron my shirts. A sweet sexy woman that loves flowers. A woman with a nice personality and good sense of humor. Where is she?

  2. Hello Kitty bras? That’s cute. The size is Wow! :@0
    A cure for AIDS and all cancers is great! World peace…a good one too.

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