Bring “BUTCH: Not like the other girls” To NYC

* * Pretty much copying and pasting this entire post from their Kickstarter page to bring the show to Easthampton, MA. I’m shamelessly hoping that they raise enough money to think about making it further down the map to NYC. Teehee!

BUTCH: Not like the other girls explores the liminal (in between) space occupied by female masculinity in contemporary communities. Artist SD Holman delineates Butch not as oppositional to Femme and Trans identities, but as an inclusive site of resistance to limitations on the way women, gender, and sexuality are still defined. The images honour the mercurial beauty, power and diversity of women who transgress the gender binary (boys r masculine/ girls r feminine) – celebrating the transversal dialectic (celebrating debates that cut across categories {literally queer}) of female masculinity, unapologetic and undiluted.

BUTCH: Not like the other girls debuted 2013 in Vancouver, as public art in bus shelters and at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre, where the show’s opening spilled out into the street for half a block, the largest in their 35-year history. The media around BUTCH: Not like the other girls went viral, with shares and posts from as far away as Germany and Denmark, and impassioned calls for the project to tour to other cities.

Touring costs money – which is why we (and hopefully you!) are here on Kickstarter. The first touring exhibition has been organized by Amiee Ross (one of the butches photographed) April 4-May 4, 2014, at The Mill Arts Project in Easthampton, Massachusetts. A collaborative project between Easthampton City Arts+ and Eastworks, MAP offers venue and publicity support, but pays no fees.

We’re asking for your help to fund:

– The BUTCH Catalogue, a book (approximately 80 pages, with 50 images) from the exhibition, with a preface by Canadian queer arts icon Persimmon Blackbridge. This is the best tool to interest galleries in other cities for more touring stops – plus it means you can see the show even if you can’t make it to an exhibition in person.

– Costs for bringing the BUTCH: Not like the other girls exhibition to the Mills Art Project in Easthampton, MA: shipping costs for the artwork, and travel for SD Holman to install it in the venue

This is an invitation for you to become a part of the BUTCH project! You’ll join an exclusive group of members with access to updates from the artist, and the exhibition. By backing and sharing this Kickstarter project, you’ll not only be providing financial support for this exhibition, but helping develop an active audience laying the groundwork to bring BUTCH: Not like the other girls to your city too.

BUTCH: Not like the other girls (gallery)
BUTCH: Not like the other girls (Kickstarter page)

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