International Femme Appreciation Day

I have been asked what International Femme Appreciation Day is all about and how does the butch/femme community celebrate it. First, let me clarify that I’m NOT one of the creators of International Femme Appreciation Day. I believe two or three years ago I translated some info about the first International Femme Appreciation Day into Spanish, but that’s all my involvement with the origins of International Femme Appreciation Day. Second, I think International Femme Appreciation Day is a very valid excuse to celebrate the femmes in your life – whether they are your girlfriends, wives, mothers, siblings, aunts, or friends.

International Femme Appreciation Day is on the first Saturday of July. This year it falls on July 5th. And we celebrate it the same way we celebrate our girlfriends, wives, relatives or friends’ birthdays, Christmas or similar holidays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. Had I had time and energy (note to self: plan ahead next year and leave this ready by the end of May), I would have put together some baskets or beach tote bags for my femme friends with everything Hello Kitty, some glitter, maybe a book or two to read by the pool, chocolate and other goodies, a bottle of their favorite tequila or vodka, and a nice handwritten card explaining why I love having them in my life.

How would I like to be celebrated by my butch (if I had one)? Ideally spending all day in bed fucking like rabbits (how is that different to any other day? I don’t know). It would also be nice to…

– receive a handwritten letter or brief note inside a Hallmark card (something that comes from the heart and not copied from the internet)
– spend the day at the beach doing absolutely nothing
– spend the day sunbathing and eating in Cherry Grove (Fire Island, NY) and make love in the dunes before it gets cold and sand flies come out
– go to Mohegan Sun or Atlantic City for the weekend
– celebrate with raw oysters and mojitos somewhere by the water
– sit back and relax watching my butch cook patties on the grill
– go to a Broadway show and a nice yet overpriced restaurant in the theater district
– have my gym playlist magically downloaded to my iPod
– receive a dozen bright pink roses
– receive a manicure & pedicure gift card
– get a couples massage
– receive something that glitters: a necklace, a bracelet, a handbag, a summer scarf, sandals or flipflops…
– receive 2 orchestra tickets for kd lang or Mary Gauthier’s next gig
– walk from my apartment to the Whitney Museum early in the morning to check out the Jeff Koons exhibit before the tourists get there
– walk from my apartment to Chinatown and eat at one of those cheap restaurants with Chinese-only menus where you never know what the heck you ordered but it turns out to be delicious
– pack a picnic basket, spend the day exploring Governors Island, and take a nap or make out at Hammock Grove
– take the tram from Manhattan and check out the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park in Roosevelt Island
– binge-watch Orange Is The New Black together (naked in bed, AC on, Haagen Dazs’ mint chip ice cream in hand)
– I don’t mean to sound materialistic or anything but Henri Bendel’s jewelry makes me wet (oh yes, I did!)

4 thoughts on “International Femme Appreciation Day

  1. We won’t be celebrating this year (you know why!) but last year we had a big to do with several butch-femme couple friends. We went out to dinner, got cupcakes (we’re big on cupcakes around here) and there were presents! 🙂 It was lovely. Next year, I think I’m going to take your idea and give gifts to my femme friends. Excellent idea!

  2. Canada is way behind the times…..or I am, I have never heard of international Femme day, However, now that I am aware of it, I will fire up the BBQ and grill up may wife’s favorite, Steak and baked taters, and a wicked veggie medley that I do up on ye olde bbq , give her 17 red roses with her supper, 1 rose for every year we have been married, I can’t do much more for her except say thankyou for being you and for being in my life, she will be just home from chemo on the 5th, and as I told her today, with or without hair, sickness or health she is still the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on . it’s hard to pick just 1 day to celebrate her femme self, when I quietly celebrate her each and every day.

    1. Your gift for your wife is too sweet. I hope the chemo is over soon and you can celebrate her every day without worrying about cancer (that sneaky bastard!). Femme hugs,

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