Reasons To Sleep With Your Ex

I think I’m the only lesbian who is not friends with her exes. Have I slept with some of them after a breakup? Guilty as charged (*). Why? Because…

1. This femme has her needs, you all!
2. Craigslist and Brenda are full of illiterate, walking STDs.
3. The double standard is alive and kicking. A femme is supposed to sit pretty by the phone waiting for a butch to call her asking her out on a date. Barf.
4. The butches at local butch/femme meetings and gatherings are not exactly approachable for a NSA romp (see #3).
5. My ex and I were on the same page and knew it was only sex.
6. She knew every inch of my body like the back of her hand.
7. She drove me from 0 to 100 in a nanosecond.
8. She tied, spanked, flogged, caned, and fucked me happy.
9. There was a level of trust and comfort that it would had taken me months (if not years) to build with a new top.
10. There is something soothing in sleeping with a butch who knows everything about you, has seen your light and your dark, and still wants you.

(*) no, sleeping with an ex doesn’t make us “friends.”

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