Mixing & Matching It This Holiday Season

Either on my way to or on my way back from work every day I see the token Salvation Army guy in a coat next to a red bucket dancing to Mariah Carey or Rihanna (yes, Rihanna is now holiday season appropriate. Go figure!) which leaves me wondering: “are we still boycotting the Salvation Army?” and “should I write another Christmas/Hanukkah gift ideas post this year?” I mean, I have ran out of ideas, I don’t want to give or encourage people to give money to charities (don’t get me started, but do remind me to write a blog post about this if come January you don’t see it online), and this year my friends are lucky if they get a card (my inner Martha Stewart bought the Christmas/Hanukkah cards, confetti, glitter, and other paraphernalia back in July – it’s just that I’m busy as hell and I don’t know if the cards will go out in time).

So this is going to be a mix and match post with both giving back and gift ideas.

Giving back

– I know people who need metrocards, food, and winter clothes. Email me and I’ll put you in touch with them.
– I have friends whose kids are creative and would appreciate fabric and yarn donations. Whatever you have laying around the house that you no longer need. Email me and I’ll put you in touch with them.
– Samaritan Village (which has family homeless shelters in Queens, the Bronx, and Harlem) ran a toy drive for the 1000 kids in their system. They collected a total of 268 toys. They need 732 new and unwrapped toys and games by next Wednesday Dec 17th, or hundreds of children will not have one gift to open this year. If you own a business and would like to help on a larger scale with toys or money for toys, Samaritan is a 501c3 Non-Profit and all donations are tax deductible. The unwrapped toys and games can be shipped to or dropped off at Samaritan Village, 138-02 Queens Blvd., Briarwood NY 11435, Attn: Theresa Pergola to arrive by Dec 17th latest. Check their Amazon wish list here.
– The NYC LGBTQS Chamber of Commerce is hosting different fundraisers and toy drives for kids up to 17 years old to be donated to the 1471-73 Watson Avenue Resident Council in the Bronx. They are also collecting toiletries and gift cards for Sylvia’s Place: $25-$50 to H&M, $25-$50 to Ricky’s, $25-$50 to Duane Reade, $10 to Starbucks, $10 to McDonalds, and $10 to Subway. For more information or a drop-off location, call the Chamber at 347-547-6300.
– Sobel Nation is doing a toy drive benefiting Toys For Tots at the Stonewall Inn on Sunday December 21st from 5pm to 9pm. Admission is a unwrapped new toy.
– There are thousands of women, teens, and children living in shelters and temporary housing. May I suggest that you hit the weekend after Xmas sales, stock up in warm clothes, and take them to the closest women’s or LGBT youth shelter?

Shopping for a material girl (or boi)

Read this for free gift ideas and this for all-occasion gift ideas that you can recycle/use this holiday season.

More ideas:

– A Blink subscription. If you catch one of their flash sales and pay upfront, I think you can get the full year for $140. By the way, these superfly tees are great workout motivators and won’t break the bank.
– You can’t go wrong buying ModCloth dresses and shoes. This femme can’t have enough!
– Another gift idea for a lucky femme: a JustFab or Birchobox subscription.
– A tattoo care kit for the ink addict in your life.
– How about some one-of-a-kind porcelain jewelry (use code CYBER14 to get a 25% discount)?
– A Yours, Mine, and Ours Decanter Set.
– A can of Saturdays’ coffee.
– A pair of funky kicks.
– Tickets to the Butch/Femme Society Gala make a great gift for your sweetheart. Worst comes to worst, you break up before April. So what? There are always singles tables at the galas.
– How about a macaroon maker if she has a sweet tooth? Or a retro cherry apron if she is a domestic goddess?
– A retro slushie maker.
– A NewFest membership.

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