Sunday Brunch Shenanigans With My Butch Friend

My friend: still seeing that stone butch?
Me: she sent me flowers and that was the kiss of death.
Both: (laughs)
Me: I was going to prolong it so I could watch The X Files at her place, but a friend hooked me up with her cable’s online access so I’ve been ignoring the stone butch and eventually she’ll get the hint
My friend: you’re silly. Saying the L word usually makes me run, but flowers are ok. You need to chillax and let those butches spoil you!
Me: these are the flowers (show her pics).
My friend: awww they are pretty. Mmmm sounds like a blog post. Just what qualities make the perfect butch? I personally think I am.
Me: yes, but you are taken so you don’t count (Badum-ching!).

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