Last Minute Xmas Gift Ideas For Butches

If you are wondering why this post is about gifts for butches and not femmes, well, most femmes either don’t want anything like Yours Truly or gave their munchkins a list of things they have graciously been allowed to buy them for Christmas or Hanukkah months ago. Booya!

If you order some of these this weekend, you can get them delivered well before the holidays:

– ties or bowties from Dapper an Urban, a butch owned company.
– a KwK tshirt or hoodie.
– a Naughty hot sauce pack.
– an Amazon Echo.
– a R2-D2 stein and Star Wars ice cube trays.
– a homemade basket with handcrafted beers from small, independent brewers paired with brie and fruit (ale) or something chocolatish (porter).
– a local beer brewery tour.
– a pair of North Face eTip gloves.
– Cards Against Humanity.
– a box of Cohibas.
– a Scentbird monthly subscription box.
– plaid wool scarf for tucking inside a dress jacket or sport coat.
– gift sets with liquor and glasses or a cork stopper, if you don’t know what they drink Patron, Grey Goose or Jameson are safe bets.
– whiskey stones.
– customized sex toys.
– a MeisterSinger Neo watch.
– an Adventure medical first aid kit and/or a Gransfors Bruks mini hatchet if s/he is into camping.
– an Opposuit.

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