10 Reasons Why I’ll Never Date A Transman

1. I’m a lesbian.
2. I’m a lesbian.
3. I’m a lesbian.
4. I’m a lesbian.
5. I’m a lesbian.
6. I’m a lesbian.
7. I’m a lesbian.
8. I’m a lesbian.
9. I’m a lesbian.
10. Guess what? I’m a lesbian.

Sorry not sorry, I woke up to the 233rd email this year from a transman asking me out. An email I won’t bother responding to because I know what comes next after I reject them. More emails lecturing me about transphobia, transplaining that I’m really into transmen (“you just don’t know it yet because you haven’t met the right one”), and one-upper emails because they need to have the last word (“you are not perfect either, Maria”).

Newsflash: my not sleeping with transmen is not about perfection or transphobia. I’m a fucking lesbian.

Could transmen please open a fucking dictionary before emailing or reaching out to me through a matchmaker where I clearly state that I’m only looking for butch or stone butch women?

Last time I checked, a lesbian is a woman who feels attracted to other women.

A lesbian is a woman who feels attracted to other women. Let that sink in for a minute.

If you grew up in the wrong body (*). If you have done all you could to transform that body. If you went through surgery and keep taking testosterone. If you changed your name. If you walk, talk, think, act, work and for all purposes live your everyday life as a straight man… If you know, see above, that I’m a lesbian. Why the fuck do you think I would want to date you?

(*) I know there is a more politically correct way of saying this, but I can’t remember it right now.

5 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I’ll Never Date A Transman

  1. haha hahaha, sorry i shouldn’t laugh, but you should tell them you are a Lesbian,
    failing that, you have his email and probably his name and quite a lot of info on him that he would give you trying to woo you (laughing) … so sign him up for every hardcore male gay porn site, make a fake profile on Tinder with his name and his pic , say he only likes donkeys or somethin…. don’t get made get even aha hahaha ( please don’t ever get pissed off at me ) lol

  2. As a transman it is not easy to find sraight women who date transmen I prefer to date lesbians, but I see your point.

  3. The fact that you need to clarify the definition lesbian, just speaks to how stupid transmen can be. I can’t stand transmen who go around claiming not wanting to date them is transphobic! Look, I hate rejection as much as the next guy, but if a femme is not attracted to you, then, she is just not attracted to you. There’s no need to insult or harass her just because she is not into you.

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