Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts For Butches

If, like Yours Truly, this year you haven’t started shopping yet, here are some ideas for all budgets:

– flowers
– a gift set of their favorite poison (Tito’s, Jameson, Bacardi Silver, London Dry, etc.)
– a handwritten love letter
– a nice shirt, belt or wallet from Zara or Banana Republic
– cufflinks, socks or boxers with their favorite superhero
– a cute wool hat
– anything gadgetish (new phone, tablet, watch)
– a new laptop or smart TV
– a mix and match of bath bombs (theirs and yours) to enjoy together
– a box of chocolate covered champagne strawberries
– a funny tee with double meanings (and a note that reads “not to be worn out in public”)
– a massage with some yummy oil. Bonus points if you are wearing lingerie and heels with your hair up
– a home cooked (or delivered) dinner. Bonus points if you have barely there lingerie under the apron and serve it wearing heels
– a pizza stone, heat resistant gloves and ingredients to make pizza together
– a sushi making kit + ingredients to make it a sushi night
– a jar filled with their favorite chocolate; for instance, Hershey’s kisses w a note “kisses for when I’m not around” (I threw up in my mouth a little reading that, so cheesy!)
– tickets for an art show, Broadway, off Broadway, and similar
– a bunch of books from their Amazon wish list
– a spa day
– an unplugged weekend getaway to fuck each other’s brains out without broadcasting every minute online
– a new big fat strap on cock
– depending of your location, a couple of hours at a sex store or a day trip to the closest one
– dinner at their favorite restaurant
– private wine/beer/whiskey tasting at home or local winery/brewery
– V-day treats or toys for their pets
– a DIY “date night ideas” jar
– a DIY “reasons why I love you” jar
– a DIY “reasons to love me when I misbehave” jar
– a restock basket to replace anything you are running out of or that’s worn out: lube, zip ties, rope, leather whips or floggers, handcuffs… you know, the basics.
– sex, sex, sex, and more sex

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