Tinder: I’m Doing It Wrong

Freshly out of a what should we call it and ready to mingle me, a couple of weeks ago I bought a yearly subscription for the Butch Femme Matchmaker and am also on Tinder. I haven’t revamped my Butch Femme Matchmaker profile yet as my laptop died and am still working on new photos. But … More Tinder: I’m Doing It Wrong

Femme Problems 2

– when your last bout of summer cold, allergies or Ebola has you looking like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the butch sitting next to you at the laundromat “sees” you (take me now, Lord!). – when your LGBTQ friends push you to date other femmes, transguys, bisex women… you know, because you are “too … More Femme Problems 2

Femme Problems

– when butches don’t “see” you. – when you go to LGBT bars and everyone assumes you are the token straight friend/coworker until a butch walks in and makes you visible. – when you catch a butch talking shit about you, call her on it, and she thinks she can keep talking to you as … More Femme Problems