40 Things I Learned Last Year

1. Femmes be crazy. 2. To never ever go to a supermarket at 3:00 pm on a SuperBowl weekend Saturday. 3. Some bridges were meant to be burned…with matches… and gasoline…and Molotov cocktails being throw… and nuclear warheads. 4. Being single is a sound relationship choice. 5. There’s nothing sadder than a 54 years old … More 40 Things I Learned Last Year

I Need My Own Show

Is Logo still a thing? Because I think you all are missing out on great femme reality TV moments like when: – I went commando to the supermarket and only when I was back in my apartment did I realize my zipper was down the entire time (you are welcome, Harlem!). – I woke up … More I Need My Own Show

Femme Problems 2

– when your last bout of summer cold, allergies or Ebola has you looking like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the butch sitting next to you at the laundromat “sees” you (take me now, Lord!). – when your LGBTQ friends push you to date other femmes, transguys, bisex women… you know, because you are “too … More Femme Problems 2