10 Things Not To Say To the Butch You Are Dating

Yes, my ex was 20,000 times better in bed and in every other aspect than you. Oh if I had a dollar for each time a butch has compared herself to one of my exes. After a while, reassuring them gets boring and tiring and you feel tempted to give in and say something mean. Don’t. Just don’t.
Oh, you are SO much better than my ex! If you are happy with someone, why even bring up your ex? If she’s asking about your ex, why is she insecure about your feelings or the relationship? Why can’t you build a solid foundation without negating/diminishing your past?
Your ex sounds like a total bitch. Again, why are you giving time, energy and space to each other’s exes? Don’t you know that shit talking about an ex is a huge red flag?
I’ve had better. This would be obviously after sex. I don’t know whether I’m lucky and I have slept with only one insecure little bunny or if I have forgotten the rest. Insecure butches who ask if you liked it give me the heebie-jeebies. And you know what they say: if you have to ask…
What’s the matter boo boo? Someone hurt your feelings? You need a hug? I once made the mistake of asking a butch I was dating to change her t-shirt before leaving the house because she had a hole in it. That turned into a whole thing about me being mean and superficial, and her knowing her value and knowing that if she was with the right femme she would value her by what’s inside (bitch, pleeeze!). I did NOT ask her if she needed a hug, but I thought about it and texted my friends LOL
Man up or Grow some balls. If you are an alpha femme and need an alphaer butch, be with an alphaer butch. Don’t waste your time with someone who is not at the level you crave/need and don’t unnecessarily hurt their feelings.
Stop being such a girl! Hello? You didn’t notice that your butch likes girly drinks, clothes or accessories BEFORE you started dating? Why do you want to change them or why giving them shit about it?
– (to a stone butch) Can I lick your pussy? or Why can’t I touch you there? Don’t you love me? Days, weeks or months after you had the talk, established boundaries, kept having sex, and you somehow still believe you are the one who will “melt” her.
I ain’t your mamma or Go home to your mamma. Guilty as charged. No, I haven’t told a butch any of those things but butches who ask me when or what I’m going to cook for them turn me off. I’m a high functioning adult. Of course I know how to cook. I’m also a strong independent femme who won’t cook for no butch to hook and reel them in.
I love you when you just met her or when you don’t really feel it/mean it. If you blurt it out on the first date, rest assured there won’t be a second date and butches in the area might hear about it. Telling a butch you love them when you don’t mean it is one of the cruelest things you can do. It’s 2020. Stop wasting other people’s time!

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