The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. Really?

Four weeks ago I started singing It’s the most wonderful time of the year to myself 24/7. Soon after my inner All I want for Christmas Mariah wannabe emerged. I was happy, strolling around the city in cute dresses, even managed to go out in heels some nights, feeling proud of myself for handling the cold weather and not letting it stop me from going out and having fun this year.

I made a list of all the cute, get happy things that could be done in the city and I was totally confident that this was going to be the year I did it all despite the weather:

– walking down Fifth Avenue to see all the holiday windows: Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s’, Cartier, and Saks
– walking down Broadway to do the same ending at Macy’s
– checking out the Christmas decor around Rockefeller Center including the tree (duh!) and giant balls across from Radio City
– doing Top of the Rock, seeing the Rockettes, and ending the day at Limani
– strolling in Central Park and having breakfast at Tiffany’s or brunch at the Russian Tea Room or the Plaza
– going for a diamond engagement ring consultation at Tiffany’s (*) followed by a carriage ride in Central Park
– drinking hot chocolate while waiting in line to see the Kusama’s exhibit at David Zwirner
– day trips to Connecticut to enjoy the sights and the food. Ford’s Lobster (Noank) anyone?
– catching a jazz performance in Harlem
– taking one of those Christmas lights bus tours and ending the night drinking something boozy and chocolaty at a rooftop igloo
– sailing around Manhattan on a Christmas Carols cruise
– going to Brooklyn to see the Dyker Heights lights or out to Long Island to see the Christmas lights display at Jones Beach
– writing down a wish for 2018 and adding it to the confetti that flutters down in the Times Square on New Year’s Eve
– VIP ice skating at Rockefeller Center (I’m sure Bryant Patrk and Central Park’s rinks must have similar VIP packages)
– picking and decorating a fresh cut Christmas tree
– adopting a cat
– binge watching both seasons of Stranger Things snuggling under a blanket (bitching!)
– walking around with coupons or vouchers to drop off at Salvation Army’s buckets
– doing all of the above with a strong, tall, blue-eyed butch.

Cue in the snow. I have officially entered the Take me now Lord, I can’t take this cold! phase. So screw all of the above and let’s settle for “too cold to go out” sex, writing, cooking, cleaning or reading marathons until the snow season is over.

Rumor has it I’m getting engaged in 2018. I guess it’s going to have to wait till May because I’m not leaving the apartment till then. I don’t want a low key, living room, naked or in our jammies engagement. I want it in a nice place so I can take pics of us, the venue/location, and the ring like any other basic 26 years old girl out there.

(*) for the record I don’t want a ring from Tiffany’s and no, they don’t have me on commission.

One thought on “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. Really?

  1. Magical, yet nippy. 🙂
    No Sally Ann donations though please! Those people hate us and won’t even give aid to straight unmarried couples.

    Also, fashion hearsay says ultraviolet is the colour of 2018.

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