Butch Call: NYC Butch Femme Socials

* * * The Socials are back on Tuesdays throughout the summer. Join us on Facebook or email us for the location.

The butch co-host may step down in late August or September so I’m on the prowl for a new butch or stone butch co-host to replace him. Benefits of co-hosting: lots of eye candy, an excuse to mingle with single femmes and get their numbers without feeling like a creep, and hours of mind-blowing conversation with Yours Truly if no one else shows up at that month’s Social.

Our vision for the Socials going forward:

– Monthly NYC Butch Femme Social on either Tuesdays or Sundays

– Monthly movie night at the Angelika – not necessarily LGBT movies and not necessarily at that theater. I will be working 1 ½ blocks away so it’s really convenient for me. I’d like to do dinner + movie on a weeknight. Who is in?

– Monthly Singles’ night: one Saturday a month, we’ll pick a restaurant in the Village and then go out for drinks or dancing. The co-host would be in charge of the restaurant reservations – I get too aggravated when I make a reservation and people don’t show up.

– Miscellaneous plans: museums, aquarium, zoos, Deer Park outlets, rowing in Central Park, weekend trips (Poconos, P-Town)…

– AIDS Walk 2013 – I want more people to get involved next year. Don’t make me chase you down!

As always, suggestions are more than welcomed.

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